Local Digital Project: Chatbots and AI

Project completion - looking at what we've done

We’ve now reached the end of our project, so it’s time to look back on the work we did and the things we learned along the way. This includes the project deliverables produced as part of the project funding requirements.

What we’ve done

At the start of this process we submitted an application for a discovery project that aimed to deliver;

We’ve now reached the end of the project, and all these deliverables are now available below or via our project resources page

But this project has been more than just producing a set of reports;

Project deliverables

What we have learned

The following points are distilled from the main project reports, which provide far greater detail than can be provided in summary form;


User research

Technology approach

As well as exploring the current chatbot/AI market and what the most suitable platform approach would be for, the project has explored the potential to develop a single, centralised approach. The two specific reports on this subject found the following;

Next steps

Sharing our learning

We’re hoping to organise an event to share what we learned on the project with as many councils as possible to meet the spirit of ‘giving something back’ to the sector. We’ll tweet about this and post via the LocalGov Digital Slack team when more details are available

Alpha project

This project has been one of the 16 exemplar projects funded in the first round of the Local Digital Fund, 10 of which were discovery. At this stage, no announcement has been made for funding in 2019/20, or what the balance might be between discovery and alpha projects.

Should it be possible to bid for an alpha project we would need to identify councils that would be interested in collaborating on an application, and on working on the project.

It would be great to hear from councils that would be interested in this sort of project. Why not get in touch and let us know?